Homemade Vegan/Paleo Twix Bars

 This is currently my favourite recipe and is a complete game changer! and whilst eating these amazing treats, you completely forget that they are vegan, paleo, refined sugar free and gluten free, so you can enjoy guilt free! Who knew cooking homemade, vegan and paleo could be so easy!!! Making this recipe is very simple and only takes... Continue Reading →


Homemade Paella Recipe

Inspired by the traditional Spanish dishes of Barcelona, this 'one-pot-wonder' takes less than 30 minutes to put together and is one of my and my families favourite dishes to eat. This dish is perfect for everyone as it allows for a wide range of ingredients and alternatives to be used and still produce a beautiful... Continue Reading →

DIY honey face masks

By far one of my favourite things to do, is apply a weekly face mask. I am constantly trying new masks and making my own, trying new combinations of all natural ingredients that I know my skin will love me for. The following recipes are for some of my favourite face masks, that I constantly... Continue Reading →

Why I’m in love with Barcelona.

As soon as I arrived in Barcelona, I instantly fell in love. The food, the locals, the stunning architecture, and the amazing people all caught me by great and fortunate surprise. Despite my short stay, I was able to surround myself in the culture and everything it had to offer. I knew Barcelona was going... Continue Reading →

21 images of Malta and Gozo

Before travelling to Malta, I tried to imagine what I thought the Island would be like, how the houses would be desinged and built, and how the countryside of Gozo would look. When I arrived, it was exactly what I thought it would be. As I wondered throught the villages of Gozo and the sea-side... Continue Reading →

Cooking the perfect Gnocchi

Coming from a European family, my whole life has been filled with homemade traditional feasts that included all of the freshest ingredients pulled from the backyard veggie garden. And with both my grandmothers having a strong presence in the kitchen, as i grew up I was a constant witness to the magic that unfolded and... Continue Reading →

Last Minute, Edible Christmas Gifts

The best gifts come from the kitchen and there's nothing better than receiving a homemade edible gift for Christmas. And with less than a week until Christmas Day, edible christmas treats are the perfect last-minute gift.  Christmas Cookie Hamper  A twist on the traditional Christmas Hamper, a biscuit hamper provides the perfect opportunity to hand make your... Continue Reading →

2017 Christmas Wishlist // Gift Ideas

Christmas wishlists. Everyone has one. The following blog, shares the top items that are on my 2017 Christmas Wishlist. Blogs and Youtube videos sharing the same content have been very popular recently, and i have found it extremely interesting to see what other people are wishing for this Christmas. Additionally it's a fantastic way to... Continue Reading →


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